Why Herbal

Herbs are nature’s gift to mankind. Herbal products exist for ages and are known for its efficacy and safety. Herbal products work with your body and will not disturb the body functioning, unlike pharmaceutical drugs which alters the physical condition. Herbal products or medicines are not something that grows in thick dense forest; nature or herbal items are found everywhere; the food you eat, the plants you grow in your backyard and at your spice cabinet.

Herbal products are used to treat many ailments and would not have side effects which are quite common in pharmaceutical drugs. Nowadays people think that going herbal is something very new, but actually it is not. The entrance of pharmaceutical drugs and their immediate results have made Herbal products and medicines to take a back seat. People have simply forgotten the old but very effective herbalism. The herbalism was very successful not only because of the absence of side effects but also because of its availability, effectiveness and affordability. Unlike drugs, herbs are not taken separately they are part of the daily food that we intake.

Ayurveda is the ancient and renowned Indian traditional system of medicine which uses various herbs to cure many diseases. Ayurveda is effective as it uses potent herbs and offers natural healing. Herbs can do wonders even today to cure many ailments. Herbs have the potency to dissolve stones in kidney, gall bladder and bladder very soon when compared to pharmaceutical drugs. This makes it very evident that herbs are very powerful.

The other reason that makes herbalism popular is that they are all plant based. Herbs are usually some part of the plant, so our body recognizes and accommodates herbs than synthetic drugs. Our body has the ability to differentiate between natural herbs and synthetic drugs that’s the reason natural herbs are quickly absorbed without any change in the body regular functioning.

Herbs can be used to treat people across all ages. From babies to old age people can depend on the herbal medicines to cure any short term or long term illnesses. It’s always better to opt for herbal products which are found to be very effective without any harmful side effects and at the same time very affordable.