Shikkakai Paste 75 Gms

“Vcare Shikkakai Paste” is a revolution in the hair care segment. Shikkakai is known for its hair cleansing and hair nourishing properties for ages. Shikkakai is used by the people of India and a few other Asian countries for hair washing and hair nourishment in the form of powder. Shikkakai in powder form poses a lot of difficulties like eye irritation, allergy etc. and this is the reason why the number of shikkakai users have drastically come down in the recent times. Vcare, the most trusted hair care brand has now brought out this ancient age old shikkakai in paste form which is easy to use and at the same time is as effective as the shikkakai powder. It also comes with the same nourishing and conditioning properties of the Shikkakai.

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