Get rid of lice and Nits

Vcare Lice and Nits treatment

Lice and nits in the head make oneself feel embarrassed and even people feel awkward to appear in social events. Parents will be worried and feel extremely bad when they see lice and nits in kid’s head. Lice and nits not only create embarrassment but also make the scalp itchy and create red bumps. It’s a big challenge to all of them to get rid of lice and nits.

Vcare lice and nits is the remedy for all their worries. It removes the lice and nits that are strongly attached to the head.

  • Protects from lice infestation
  • Makes the lice go breathless or tranquilizes them
  • Deactivate the nits
  • Wards of dirt and keeps your scalp healthy
  • Ideal for people of all ages


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